Saeed Maghari

Head of IPS

Every year we observe considerable number of labors killed or injured by H2S or combustible gases in Iran and more considerably in the world. We never forget the tragedy of dying about 243 persons and 10000 animals in one drilling of a single oil-well operation in China while 9000 people living in the surrounded area were injured by H2S released from the well and the area county was to evacuate about 65000 people living around.

On the road construction, tunnels, mines, and many jobs else the same incidents are possible to be happened as H2S could exist everywhere. Incidents are not limited to the developing or third world countries. According to OSCHA every year 60 people are killed in USA. According to MAERSK in recent dates in Denmark two fishermen died, their catch rotting without ice gave off the gas, they went into the hold and that was that. Hardly a year goes by without a farmer being killed by it. Last year, in Northern Ireland a rising rugby star went into a silo to rescue his overcome brother who had gone in to pull out his overcome father who had gone in after their dog. They all died within seconds of exposure. Besides, other types of gases could make, more or less, the same hazards. The explosion of Drilling rig killed about 5 people and according to informal news totally 100 million Dollars loss was the result of releasing CH4 in Naftshahr Oilfield. Incidents in Shazand Refinery, Phases 17 & 18 of South pars are also with same tragedies. We really believe that safety is on the top priority in the oil and gas industry and we truly add value to our customerĀ“s operation, by enhancing a safe work environment and an operation without any concerns or incidents related to H2S and other toxic and combustible gasses. Since the start of drilling in North Azadegan by CNPC, we have experienced a constant growth and today we operate in On-shore and Offshore areas. We have gained tremendous experience in carrying out H2S safety services. Our experience covers a wide field of operations within onshore and offshore projects, as well as small and large constructions and in areas of high concentrations of H2S and the most common toxic gasses encountered in the oil and gas industry, such as SO2, CO, CO2 and CH4. We are now manufacturing a part of the equipment locally and for part of the cases we are designing and improving the equipment manufacturers to adjust the equipment with the current needs day by day. Now we are suppliers of the equipment in Iran and countries around. We have after sales services center. We have training program including advanced training packages. Our technical people are in touch with the most reputable H2S centers to provide update knowledge.

Our technical people are in touch with the most reputable H2S centers to provide update knowledge.

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