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Procurement Services

IPS provides all types of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical equipment especially for pipes and pipe material Drilling Instruments and Drilling Equipments through the NIOC Vendor Suppliers. IPS provides all types of valves and related products including:
  • Globe valves
  • Gate valves
  • Check valves
  • Ball valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Remote controlled valves
  • Gaskets
  • Fittings

H2S Safety Services

About H2S Services

IPS is a leading provider of H2S services and management for Offshore and On-Shore . Our qualified, experienced personnel along with high quality equipment provide satisfactory services. IPS has a complete range of H2S Safety Services covering Consultancy, Systems Design, Provision of H2S Engineers, High quality equipment and Training. The Equipment provided by us includes Gas Detection (Fixed systems, and Portable units), Protection Systems (such as Self-contained Breathing Apparatus, Work line units, Escape units, Cascade Systems), Ancillary Equipment (Breathing Air Compressors, Blowers, First Aid kits, etc.). Our Services are suited for exploration and development phases of drilling. Furthermore, they are used during specialized operations such as well tests and completions or under­balanced drilling practices. In addition, they are suitable in subsequent production operations for sour gas / oilfields, design and development of H2S production systems and high pressure / temperature gas wells, Geothermal Energy operations with daily under mask exposure to H2S gas, and finally Constant Monitoring of wells and gas sampling.


This policy is integral to every business. Effective HSEQ management results in fewer accidents reduced lost time and more positive staff attitude, all of which leads to improved project performance. Combining this with environmental stewardship we can achieve the best industry HSEQ standards. Furthermore, one of the major pieces of work that was required to be done before movement through the project execution stage gate is to ensure that all necessary HSES Documentation was in place and correct. A Project HSE Action Plan checklist will be put together by IPS to address critical issues. While putting this together, it becomes apparent that there are a number of important documents that should be in place and needed to be prepared prior to the start of the work. All of these documents shall be subsequently completed by IPS within the allotted 4 week timeframe prior to start of the work. In the meantime most of the Iranian oilfields are located in the cliff mountainous, or conflict areas and the majority of Iranian labors welcome to dangers which seems hazards are a part of the operation. While IPS tries to provide HSE training for all of the personnel in the tools box meetings or by handbooks, the company should arrange the possible facilities including clinic and signing contract with the closest hospital to support the crew for any type of incidents. Our HSE Documentation could be shown as below: Risk Management , Leadership and commitment, 3rd Party Audit & Inspection , Contractor Alignment , Training and Competency ,Document Deliverables, Management Inspection / Audits , Environmental Issues, Emergency Response Interface Plan , Hurricane / Typhoon Evacuation Plan , Emergency Response Plan , Environmental Management Plan , Emissions & Disposals Plan , Oil Spill Contingency Plan , Campaign HSEMS Document.

Geophysical Services

Non-seismic Services

Gravimetry and magnetometry surveys play important role in oil exploration operations because they can recognize structures which represent faults. Faults have considerable impacts on upward movement of oil and gas, formation of hydrocarbon traps and consequently formation of oil and gas reservoirs.

Geo electric

The electrical resistivity method is the most efficient techniques for foundation studies and groundwater Exploration. Information about aquifers, water tables, salinities, impermeable formations, bedrock depths, etc. can be obtained by such surveys; Moreover, electrical resistance survey is one of the methods utilized in archaeological geophysics. In this type of survey, electrical resistance meters are used to detect and map subsurface archaeological features and patterning.

Gravity and Geomagnetic

Gravity and magnetic surveys are used in regional and deep exploration, in the prospection of deposits and in engineering and environmental geophysics. These methods are usually performed to cover prospective areas before application of other cost intensive exploration methods. Integrated interpretation of seismic data with high-resolution gravity and magnetic surveys is one of the efficient tools to solve problems in areas with complex geology. For data acquisition, highly sensitive gravimeters (Scintre Autograv CG-3M+/CG-5M, LaCoste & Romberg, Sodin and Sharpe) and magnetometers (proton precession magnetometers, optically pumped vapor magnetometers, fluxgate-gradiometers) as well as state of the art geodetic instruments (electro optical tachymeter, satellite navigation system for real-time GPS) are provided. Magnetic surveys can be performed on-shore, airborne, off-shore or in boreholes. For data processing, modeling and geological interpretation, a variety of software modules are used. All reductions, corrections, field transformations and different inversion techniques as well as 2D and 3D modeling are practically feasible. Based on the certified quality and HSE policy of company, we offer the employment of experienced staff at field crews.


Seismic Services

We cover the complete chain of activities starting from seismic designing, acquisition, processing to interpretation and reservoir characterization. We completed several successful projects in this regard and we cooperate with many local and foreign partners. IPS is a well-known company in seismic supervision field for both 2D and 3D seismic projects which uses latest international standards in Quality Control of seismic data and Operation, and also fully qualified international client representatives who have enough experiences in Iran and all over the world.

2D & 3D Seismic Data Acquisition(Land, TZ, OBC, Marine)

Seismic data acquisition is one of the most important part of the oil and gas exploration .We are able to operate 2D & 3D Seismic Data Acquisition in different type of terrain such as mountains, jungles, deserts, transition zones and marine through using experienced crew and proper equipments. There are five key elements to acquire useful seismic data acquisition:

  • 1. Positioning / Surveying
  • 2. Drilling
  • 3. Seismic Energy Source
  • 4. Data Recording
  • 5. Data onsite Processing
2D/3D Seismic Processing
Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) and Borehole Seismic
2D/3D Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization
Seismic Supervision

Drilling Services

IPS provides drilling operations management services, experienced consultants and state­of­the­art well engineering solutions. IPS is specialized in complex well design drilling, work­over and completion engineering.
IPS proposition to the Oil and Gas industry: Well Engineering Drilling Operations Management and Directional drilling Rig Analysis, Cementing, Coring ,Casing ,Mud logging ,Tubing Services Supply of all draw works parts, Bits, B O P, Well head, Coring equipments, Piping material, Casing, tubing, and H2S Services. Provision of Manpower and Recruiting services. Provision of Surface Facilities Training